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[[File:Fullscreen.jpg|200px|thumb|left|alt text]]
[[File:Full screen1.jpg|600px|thumb|center]]
[[File:Getting image2.jpg|600px|thumb|center]]
[[File:getting lightcurve3.jpg|600px|thumb|center]]
[[File:chosen image4.jpg|600px|thumb|center]]
[[File:aperature settings5.jpg|600px|thumb|center]]
[[File:apply settings6.jpg|600px|thumb|center]]
[[File:image and snap7.jpg|600px|thumb|center]]
[[File:save and show photometry8.jpg|600px|thumb|center]]

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Full screen1.jpg
Getting image2.jpg
Getting lightcurve3.jpg
Chosen image4.jpg
Aperature settings5.jpg
Apply settings6.jpg
Image and snap7.jpg
Save and show photometry8.jpg