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You might as well start to get comfortable with using ds9. It's free, very commonly used in astronomy, and available for just about any platform.

Most coherent, developed, tested materials

Measuring distances in ds9

ds9 Tutorials from Luisa's official NITARP tutorial (Jan 2013):

Somewhat less coherent (or less standalone) materials

How can I make a color composite image using Spitzer and/or other data? - vintage wiki materials (look at history to see who/when edited it)

Tutorial from Milton Johnson from 2016:

ds9 Tutorials from Babar from 2012:

Creating RGB images with DS9 - Lyssa Matsche and Anna McCartney, Wisconsin School for the Deaf (NITARP students)

Identifying Objects in ds9: a Pictorial Tutorial by Alex Antonow (NITARP student)

Other sources of interest