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BRC Proposal

This page will be used to assemble the pieces for the proposal we are writing.

BRC Useful Links

A consolidation of all sorts of useful links.

Previous Teams' pages

IC 2118 Current Research Activities (2004-2008), Lynds Clouds Current Research Activities (2008), and CG4 Current Research Activities (2010)

Also see Working with L1688 (A sample analysis thread using Lynds 1688, developed in the context of the Lynds Cloud team) and Working with CG4+SA101, an adaptation of "Working with L1688", with specific application to that project.

BRC Spring work

This page will be used to collect information during our work in Spring.

Here's a brief outline File:NITARPpreview.docx of things to look at before going to SSC … but we will go through all of this in more detail. Links to corresponding wiki pages are embedded within the document. --CJohnson 20:18, 1 June 2011 (PDT)

BRC Summer visit logistics

This page will be used to collect logistics information about our IPAC visit.

We talked about traveling 05-July, work 06-09 July and travel home on 10-July. --CJohnson 12:40, 2 February 2011 (PST)

BRC Bigger Picture and Goals

In past years, I've found that "why are we doing this, again?" is a pretty frequent question ...

Working with the BRCs -- Summer Visit Work!

More of a step-by-step thing, but please don't make the mistake of thinking this is a cookbook.

BRC Fall work

Notes and results from our work in the Fall, where "Fall" means "any time after our visit in July". :) Bright-rimmed Clouds Things to do 1. Read Chauhan (Chauhan N, Pandey A.K., Ogura K., Ojha D.K., Bhatt B.C., Ghosh S.K., Rawat P.S., 2009, MNRAS, 396, 964.)[1] 2. Read CG4 [ 3. Feedback form by Sunday 7/17 to your teacher 4. Make sure that we have all the data available for both clouds. a. All the known objects b. All the “unknown objects” 5. Finish BRC 27 then work on BRC 34. 6. Answer all the questions in the Working with the BRCs. Type them up if necessary. 7. Post the URL’s for the different bands on the Wiki in the relevant links section. 8. Watch the YouTube videos for each section. 9. Where is the BRC? What is a point source? What is the BRC? What is a foreground star? 10. Under Previously identified sources, checking the duplicates. 11. What is photometry? What is it measured in? What do we convert it into? 12. What does APT really do for you? 13. Why does the MOPEX source pick up wrong objects and miss others? 14. Working with the data tables: Save files in a standard format a. BRC number b. Cand or known c. Underscore d. Initials e. underscore f. Two-number date g. Three letter month code h. Example: 27cand_chj_09jul.xls 15. Data tables: a. Make SEDS with the all 38 candidate objects. 16. Color-color diagram 17. Color-magnitude diagram

Long-term goals: 1. “Pretty pictures” for poster. Three-color images of BRC-27 and BRC-34. 2. Science poster 3. Education poster 4. paper?