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Big Picture

We need to come up with a short list of papers to read in detail and discuss. We'll rotate through our short list of papers, and each of you will get one to present to the group. This is modelling a so-called "journal club", a common occurrence in astronomy departments/groups/centers, where the papers are usually selected out of recent astro-ph mailings.

Papers to discuss

Type in your paper suggestions here....

Luisa nominates - either this one (IC2118, from my original teacher team), or the one I am in the process of finishing writing on CG4 from my team last year. The reason for this is because the analysis we will do for our BRCs is very similar to the analysis we did for IC2118 or CG4.

Chelen's nominees - reading the IC2118 and/or the CG4 paper would be good ways to learn the analysis procedure we're going to use/modify/manipulate. I also think a couple of papers on BRCs would be helpful for background information ... my choices are

Here's the bibliography from our proposal (with my comments):

Allen L., et al. 2011, American Astronomical Society, BAAS, 43, 258.15. Poster from AAS ... good to review?

Chauhan N, Pandey A.K., Ogura K., Ojha D.K., Bhatt B.C., Ghosh S.K., Rawat P.S., 2009, MNRAS, 396, 964. Tests S4F theory; survey using Spitzer archival data; not deep enough??

Gregorio-Hetem J., Montmerle T., Rodrigues C. V., Marciotto E., Preibisch T., Zinnecker H., 2009, A&A, 2009, 506, 711. X-ray survey of CMa region

Makovoz D., Marleau F. R., 2005, PASP, 117, 1113. MOPEX info

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Ogura K., Sugitani K., Pickles A., 2002, AJ, 123, 2597. Optical + 2MASS; contains general info of BRCs

Shevchenko V. S., Ezhkova O. V., Ibrahimov M. A., van den Ancker M. E., Tjin A, Djie H. R. E., 1999, MNRAS, 310, 210. Optical catalog that includes both BRC 27 and BRC 34; contains general info on BRCs

Soares J.B., Bica E., 2003, A&A, 404, 217. 2MASS + optical survey

Soares J.B., Bica E., 2002, A&A, 388, 172. 2MASS obs of BRC 27

Sugitani K., Fukui Y., Ogura K., 1991, ApJS, 77, 59. SFO article to which many other articles refer ... might be worth a review??

Sugitani K., Ogura K., 1994, ApJS, 92, 163. "another survey"

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Wiramihardja S.D., Kogure T., Nakano M., Yoshida S., 1986, PASJ, 38, 395.Optical survey of CMa region --CJohnson 09:55, 23 March 2011 (PDT)