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I sent out the "big travel document" on or about Apr 7. Please check your mail from about then for it. It's got all the information about how to book flights, etc., etc.

It references this page on the CoolCosmos website. This is where you find the student forms too.

High-level schedule

The work days we've agreed upon are Jul 6-9, where there will be minimal help from me on Jul 9 as sort of a "training run" for when you go home.

I propose you come in relatively early on Jul 5, and plan on doing dinner at my house that night.

  • Tuesday morning/early afternoon - arrive in LA
  • Tuesday night, 6pm - pizza party at Luisa's ... 5 or 5:30 if you want to play with Andrew!
  • Wednesday morning 8:30-12? - lectures
  • Wednesday afternoon 1-5 - software setup. SHA workthrough. Start to work with mosaics.
  • Thursday all day - hands-on work with computers
  • Friday morning?? - JPL tour
  • Friday afternoon - wrapup, plan for when you go home
  • Saturday morning - Work on your own or small groups. Try to do some of the tasks we did as a group. Compare notes. Can you work on your own at home without me?
  • Saturday afternoon - Reconvene for questions and help.
  • Sunday - return home

Software to install

Make sure you (and all your students who are coming) each have a functional laptop that you know how to use with as much of the relevant software installed as possible well before you get on the plane. Trust me. Makes it much easier if you do all this ahead of time, including starting it up to make sure it works.

  • ds9
  • APT
  • a web browser (Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome)
  • Excel or other spreadsheet program

Also make sure you have all the passwords you need for installing new software, getting on a wireless network, or getting back into your machine if it reboots.

Flight & student & housing details

More updates to this page as events warrant...

  • Marcella - bringing 1 boy and 1 girl
  • Diane - bringing 2 girls
  • John - bringing 3 boys and 1 girl - details being firmed up
  • Chelen - bringing 2 (girls?) probably - details being firmed up

(for hotel rooms, put John's girl with Marcella's girl, and John's 3rd boy with Marcella's boy)

TOTAL of 14 people.


While in Pasadena, we will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express. I have reserved a total of eight rooms.

John... you'll have a King Suite checking in on 05-July and out on 10-July. Marcella and I will have a double checking in on 05-July and out on 10-July. Four more doubles for students checking in on 05-July and out on 10-July.

Diane ... you'll have a King Suite checking in on 05-July and out on 09-July. Diane's students will have a double checking in on 05-July and out on 09-July.

Any cancellations, if necessary, need to be made before 18:00 PDT on 04-July-2011.

Daily rates: $109 + tax for King, $99 + tax for Double

Holiday Inn Express 3500 East Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91107 (626) 792-1363

-->> Confirmation numbers were sent in an e-mail earlier today <<--

--CJohnson 09:50, 31 May 2011 (PDT)