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Wiki: Everyone can VIEW it, but you can only EDIT if you have an account. Send your student names/emails to me (Luisa) and I'll set them up. My creating an account for you will result in an automatic mail being sent to you which might get caught in your spam filter. I will let you know the default password; you can reset it when you log in.

Basic wiki philosophy: two main sections -- "worksheet style" in "research tools" and "working areas for teams" in "current research". there are links between the two spaces, and with some experience here playing around with the pages, you will see that there is a different tone between the two sections.

In order to set up pages for each of the teams, I need a name for each team. This doesn't have to be a name like "Fred" -- it can be related to the science you're planning on doing. Check out the pages for previous groups here:

Cool Cosmos

Cool Cosmos website (public face of the program) The individual team pages will be linked with the rest here: once I have a proposal title from each of the teams. The individual teacher pages will be linked with the rest here: once I get a chance to set them up (and I'll excerpt something from the AAS worksheet stuff you send us).

Luisa's tutorial on star formation from cool cosmos


APT download

Previous Proposals

All of the previous proposals are online, linked from the teams' Cool Cosmos page. All of the programs are listed here: and if you go to any of the team pages, you'll see lots of things, including a link to the proposal. BUT PLEASE NOTE that up until last year, all of these past proposals were OBSERVING proposals and you are writing an ARCHIVAL proposal. The 2010 class was also archival proposals.

Policies and Procedures

As always, please don't hesitate to send email if you have questions. I'm a little frantic this week, so I might be delayed in responding. If you need faster help than that, please check the Cool Cosmos site -- I collected all of the policy/procedure stuff here: some of it is a tiny bit dated, and it's on my list to update this, sorry.