C-CWEL Current Research Activities

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C-CWEL Proposal

This page will be used to assemble the pieces for the proposal we are writing. 2013 proposal instructions

C-CWEL Useful Links

A consolidation of all sorts of useful links on background information

Previous Teams' pages

Several of the things we will be doing are similar, and several will be different.

IC 2118 Current Research Activities (2004-2008), Lynds Clouds Current Research Activities (2008), CG4 Current Research Activities (2010), BRC Current Research Activities (2011), and C-WAYS Current Research Activities (2012).

Also see, in particular:

C-CWEL Spring work

This page will be used to collect information during our work in Spring. Also see C-CWEL Spring Calendar

C-CWEL Summer visit logistics

This page will be used to collect logistics information about our IPAC visit.

We talked about traveling 04 Aug, work 5-8 Aug and travel home on 9 Aug.

C-CWEL Bigger Picture and Goals

In past years, I've found that "why are we doing this, again?" is a pretty frequent question ...

Working with the C-CWEL data -- a.k.a. Summer Visit Work!

UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! More of a step-by-step thing, but please don't make the mistake of thinking this is a cookbook.

C-CWEL Fall work

Notes and results from our work in the Fall.

C-CWEL AAS prep work

We ended up doing nearly all our work via email, off the wiki.

This may be of interest: File:Preaasnotes.pdf