CG4 Current Research Activities

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CG4 Proposal

This page will be used to assemble the pieces for the proposal we are writing.

CG4 Useful Links

A consolidation of all sorts of useful links, mostly culled from Luisa's email.

Previous Teams' pages

Lynds Clouds Current Research Activities and IC 2118 Current Research Activities

CG4 Spring work

This page will be used to collect information during our work in Spring.

CG4 Summer visit

This page will be used to collect logistics information about our IPAC visit. The visit is June 14-16. (NB: HOU conference at Yerkes June 20-24.)

CG4 Bigger Picture and Goals

Subject to change! Includes agenda for Summer visit.

Working with L1688

Sample analysis thread using Lynds 1688 (developed in the context of the Lynds Cloud team).

Working with CG4+SA101

An adaptation of "Working with L1688" above, with specific application to our project.