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==''Ramada Inn Pasadena''
  ''Ramada Inn Pasadena''
==2156 E Colorado Blvd
  2156 E Colorado Blvd
==(626) 793-9339
  (626) 793-9339
==2 queen beds, non-smoking room  $76 +
  2 queen beds, non-smoking room  $76 +
   complimentary breakfast, outdoor pool ==
   complimentary breakfast, outdoor pool

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The CG4 team will be visiting IPAC from June 14-16.

Travel instructions and guidelines

media:travelinstructionssummer2010.txt-- Luisa's long email with travel instructions UPDATED --Rebull 12:40, 5 May 2010 (PDT)

media:travelflowchart.pdf - Luisa's pdf flowchart with travel instructions

[Student forms] http://coolcosmos.ipac.caltech.edu/cosmic_classroom/teacher_research/visit/

Travel dates/times and other logistics

Some people might be interested in coming out early to sightsee the prior weekend...? (you have to pay extra expenses)

Specific (proposed or actual) flights.

Chelen Johnson arrive LAX 16:11 PDT on Sunday, 13-Jun on Delta #2477;

depart LAX 9:30 PDT on Thursday, 17-June on US Air #2649

Vivian Hoette MKE->LAX @ 1:30pm 6/13 on Southwest 0317; LAX->MKE @ 4:40pm 6/17 on Southwest 0512, arriving in MKE at 11:40 pm
Kevin McCarron MDW->BUR @ 8:15pm 6/12 on Southwest 2865; BUR->MDW @ 6:05pm 6/16
Carolyn Mallory lives in the area; will stay at group's hotel sunday, monday, & tues nights.

How many students? Names? -- REMEMBER THAT WE WILL PAY FOR ONLY 2

Chelen Johnson no students
Vivian L. Hoette WSD Student: Lyssa R. Matsche; WSD Student: Anna Y. McCartney; WSD Teacher: Jennifer L. VanDerMolen; WSD Director of Instruction: Constance M. Gartner; WCBVI Student: Mark Dale Doering; WCBVI Teacher: Lee E. Gamble
Kevin McCarron Emma Benchell, Hanna Grannis, Alexander Hurtado, Stephanie Osborne
Carolyn Mallory Michael Feig, Niyaz Mahmud, Alexis Recto, Tiffany Silic

Does anyone not have a laptop? (really, you need one, so i will need to scavenge if anyone doesn't have one.)

Possible hotels:

---> PICKING RAMADA, need 10 rooms. Carolyn and company need to check out on Wed; the rest to check out on Thurs. Ten rooms have been reserved at the Ramada. I'll e-mail confirmation numbers. --chj 07-May-2010

 Ramada Inn Pasadena
 2156 E Colorado Blvd
 (626) 793-9339
 2 queen beds, non-smoking room  $76 +
 complimentary breakfast, outdoor pool

 Travelodge Pasadena Central
 2131 E Colorado Blvd
 (626) 796-3121
 2 queen beds, non-smoking room  $68 +
 complimentary breakfast, pool
 Quality Inn
 3321 E Colorado Blvd
 (626) 796-9291
 2 queen beds, non-smoking room  $82 +
 complimentary breakfast, pool
 Holiday Inn Express
 3500 E Colorado Blvd
 (626) 792-1363
 2 queen beds, non-smoking room  $105 +
 complimentary breakfast, outdoor pool

results of luisa's reconaissance:

there are no really 'bad' parts of pasadena on this end of town. so they're really all ok, i mean, i'd stay at any of them.

2131/Travelodge and 2156/Ramada are right across the street from each other, and close enough in that they are on the rose parade route, but not so close to PCC that you'll get tons of noise.

there's a 2462/Comfort Inn that you might also like.

the other two you listed are much further out, slightly more 'desolate suburbia' and an ever so slightly seedier neighborhood. in addition to 3321/Quality Inn and 3500/Holiday Inn, there's a Best Western Pasadena pretty much right there too, which would also be fine.

hope this helps.

Agenda of activities

See CG4 Bigger Picture and Goals.