Gliese Catalog Explorations

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The Gliese catalog is a catalog of nearby stars, stars within ~20 pc, or those thought to be within ~20 pc. (Wikipedia entry) It was first published in 1957, and has been updated a few times since then. This is the most recent update. Let's explore some of the properties of these stars using IRSA services.

Get the catalog together

  1. Read or at least scan the PASP paper. How many stars are in this catalog?
  2. Get the updated catalog from Vizier (direct link to text catalog).
  3. In order to get this source list into IRSA tools, you need to get it into IPAC Table Format, which is just ASCII but it has to have the right formatting. If you get it "close enough" to IPAC table format, you can pass it through IRSA's IPAC Table Validator which can make formatting corrections. Here is the IPAC table I constructed from these sources.

Relevant topics from the rest of the wiki

(e.g., these are the "Lego bricks" to go investigate in order to build this "Lego kit.")