How can I quickly get a mosaic of my object?

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If you've found this page from elsewhere in the wiki, you may wish go see the main download data page page with other possible flavors of this overall process of downloading Spitzer data.

I don't want any preamble or complete explanations, I just want the mosaic!

1. Go to the SHA

2. Type in "M51" (or another target of your choice) in the box.

3. Click on "Search".

4. Click on the "Level 2 (PBCD)" tab in the left window pane, and "L1/L2 Data" on the right pane.

5. Click on any row on the left and watch the stuff on the right change. That's the real data.

6. To download this to disk, click in the checkbox on the far left of the row you want, then click on "Prepare download" (at the top of the column of checkboxes). Leave all the defaults checked.

7. When the packaging is completed, click on the "Background monitor" link in the upper right, and then download and unzip your files.

8. Look for *maic.fits files. Those are the mosaics.