Luminous Data Miners Current Research Activities

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Luminous Data Miners Proposal

This page will be used to assemble the pieces for the proposal we are writing.

Luminous Data Miners Useful Links

A consolidation of all sorts of useful links, initially mostly culled from Luisa's email.

Luminous Data Miners Summer visit

July 19 - 21, 2010: This page will be used to collect information about our IPAC visit

Luminous Data Miners Suggested Reading List

A collection of suggested readings for teachers and students.

Luminous Data Miners Data Analysis

Shared data analysis procedures and results.

Luminous Data Miners AAS Poster Page

This is where you can post stuff for our AAS posters. You could post student comments, pictures, activities/labs that have been developed, etc.. Try to save pictures as .jpg and documents as a .pdf or .doc or .xls .