Luminous Data Miners Data Analysis

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  • Target List from Team Oil City on Jul 16 showing the targets from this study and the observation times for data collection.

New data table from 20 July

Target number target name RA (J2000) Dec (J2000) FUV mag FUV mag err FUV flux density FUV flux err NUV mag NUV mag err NUV flux density NUV flux err date of GALEX obs 4.5 um mag 4.5 um mag err 4.5 um flux density 4.5 um flux err 5.8 um mag 5.8 um mag err 5.8 um flux density 5.8 um flux err date of Spitzer obs
1 NGC4639 12 42 52.4 13 15 26 10/13/04 2/20/07 10:52