Luminous Data Miners Proposal

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Previous Examples

All of the previous proposals are online, linked from the teams' Cool Cosmos page. All of the programs are listed here: and if you go to any of the team pages, you'll see lots of things, including a link to the proposal.

BUT PLEASE NOTE that all of these past proposals were OBSERVING proposals and you are writing an ARCHIVAL proposal.

Recommended Contents

In general, good proposals should have:

  • introduction and context. how you picked the target(s) and why. background on subject and target. educated guesses on what you might find.
  • detailed information on what data are available, and what you plan to do with it (e.g. much more than "i'm sure spitzer observed this at some point"). how you are going to reduce the data. kind of analysis planned.
  • education/outreach plan. what your team will do, individually or together.

You don't have page limits, but nor do you want the review committee annoyed because you made them read a book.... or tiny fonts. A professor in grad school always used to annoy Luisa with broad essay questions followed by the instruction "Be brief but specific." But he's right ...

Final Copy of Luminous Data Miners Proposal