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Lynds clouds

In the early 1960s, Beverly Lynds studied the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (POSS) plates and made a list of things she thought were bright or dark nebulae. These of course were subjective judgements, but they are often pretty, and often forming stars. Many Lynds clouds are famous star forming regions. There are already lots of observations of Lynds clouds in the Spitzer archive. We need to find something that is both as yet unobserved, but also likely to at least make a pretty picture, if not actually result in the discovery of some new baby stars.

I have looked for but have not found a biography of Lynds. Can anyone else find one?

Lynds Target Selection

This page collects information about selecting a target for our observation.

Lynds Proposal

This page will be used to assemble the pieces for the proposal we are writing.

Bigger picture/longer term goals

Excerpt from email of 7 march

Travel to the SSC June 14 - 17

This Page will be used for Planning and Travel Arrangements.

Agenda for visit

Excerpt from email of 12 May