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Wiki for the Spitzer Teachers Research Project

What is the Spitzer Teachers Research Project?

The Spitzer Science Center (SSC) and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO) have designed a program for teacher and student research using observing time on the Spitzer Space Telescope. This program has its goals the fundamental NASA goals of inspiring and motivating students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as well as to engage the public in shaping and sharing the experience of exploration and discovery. Our educational plan addresses the NASA objectives of improving student proficiency in science and improving science instruction by providing a unique opportunity to a group of teachers and students to observe with Spitzer and work with Spitzer archival data. This program allows a team of teachers and their students (with the help of a mentor astronomer) to use Director's discretionary observing time on the Spitzer Space Telescope for educational observations. Read more about us on the Cool Cosmos website.

What (and Who) is this Wiki for?

This wiki is a place for the participants (teachers and scientists and students too) to share (and continue to develop!) materials based on their experiences with this program.

Anyone can view these pages, but if you'd like to edit them, please email Luisa to get an account set up.

Introduction to Infrared and Spitzer

Research Tools

how to get started, software, tutorials, overviews

Posters and Handouts from AAS meetings

This link contains posters we have presented at AAS meetings, and handouts we have provided with the posters. Other groups should upload and add in their posters!

Information for students (by teachers)

These pages contain a guide for students written by teachers. The original version of this was created by Theresa Moody.

Information for students (in research teams)

These pages are for students and teachers in research teams -- right now, this is all Tim Spuck's team of students from Oil City High School.

Information for teachers (by scientists)

This link contains lots of information for teachers (or advanced students) written by scientists. There is stuff here on a wide range of things, from downloading Spitzer data to information specific to each project.

Leftover "Getting started on the wiki" stuff (including manuals for how to edit files)

Consult the User's Guide for tons of information on using (including editing files with) the wiki software. Playground to experiment with formatting.