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Held semi-regularly. You need to register so that I can mail you the relevant phone numbers and links just prior to the tutorial. Archived here and on YouTube if you can't attend live.

Done ones

Now moved off to new website here.

Planned ones with dates

(consensus seemed to be you preferred asynchronous ones, so ones where you can attend are now few and far between.)

Hoped-for ones

(in no particular order, in various stages of planning)

  • Spitzer, the SHA, the enhanced products - Luisa(*)
  • Planck, and its archive - Peregrine?
  • WISE asteroids and comets.
  • finding data at other wavelengths - Skyview from goddard. finderchart. 2mass. other archives?
  • Spatial resolution??
  • LCOGT -- JD Armstrong
  • Guidance on getting research into the classroom?? Guidance on curriculum development??
  • Excel?? many tutorials already online at YouTube - get a NITARP alum teacher to do one on "things you should know about Excel but were afraid to ask?"
  • HOU and - Alan Gould, Carl Penneypacker?? - particularly interested in HOU legacy of extensively tested labs; newer opportunities such as IASC and Skynet are also represented in the list here, but separately from HOU.
  • SED tool - Sally Seebode
  • how to come up with project ideas
  • Micro Observatory - Susan Sunbury et al.(*)
  • MAST?
  • NRAO teacher opportunities - Sue Ann Heatherly
  • WWT - Pat Udomprasaert??
  • NOAO RBSE lessons
  • Zooniverse projects and lesson plans
  • ds9 - Robert Marshall: "..creating ds9 regions files: everything from looking at example code, then creating text from an excel file, to adding carriage returns so regions files can then be read in properly using ds9."
  • Astropix, FITS liberator - robert
  • color selection to find objects you care about - luisa
  • NGSS
  • (ideas for) ways to get your NITARP experience back into your classroom - this would have to be live, a panel discussion or other sort of roundtable.
  • (ideas for) ways to manage your finances when in NITARP or self-funding to AAS - not sure how best to handle this one.