Photometry (concept)

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Photometry is the quantitative measure of brightness of an object in an astronomical images

Most coherent, developed, tested materials

Movie (10:50) on Photometry, part of the "Filters, Magnitudes, Colors, Oh My!" playlist -- Dr. Luisa Rebull, 2020

Photometry overview -- Dr. Luisa Rebull (2010?)

Somewhat less coherent (or less standalone) materials

Aperture Photometry Overview -- Dr. Luisa Rebull (2010?)

PSF photometry - To come. Basic steps are essentially the same (detect objects, center up, determine what is background/source, sum up light for the source, check your results). More complicated than aperture photometry because you have many more free parameters than for aperture photometry.

need to add document i made for olivia and tom 2019

Other sources of interest