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Russ Laher (SSC) developed a spreadsheet that can absorb a data table and produce an SED, with interactive blackbody fitting.

When you open up the workbook, you need "Enable macros". Also, if you haven't done so already, you must also activate the Solver Add-In in your installation of Excel, which can be done via the following menus: Tools > Add-Ins > check "Solver Add-in". You may need to have your Excel CD-ROM handy.

For Mac users, if possible, you will need to have the 2004 version of Excel for Mac installed, because the later version does not support Microsoft Visual Basic Applications. If it's too late, and you've already upgraded, there is a workaround, it's just not as user-friendly.

Russ' documentation and notes.

There is a Windows version of the spreadsheet, and a Mac version of the spreadsheet. They are both too big to post here, so you need to get them from me. Russ tested the Mac version under Excel 2004 for Mac, v. 11.4.1.

Viv: I have Mac Excel 2008 12.2.6 is a place I found to download Solver for the latest version of excel on mac. Here are some FAQs which seem to indicate that the way Russ created the his workbook might not work with this new solver that is a stand alone application that uses apple script.