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Telescope Time Reserved

FROM Tim Spuck

Sandy, I agree with you about the times for Perth and New Mexico Skies. I've reserved the following time in Perth. We can get time on New Mexico Skies as well from the folks at NOAO. Thanks, Mr. Spuck

October 22 18:00 UT – 20:00 UT

October 23 18:00 UT – 20:00 UT

October 24 18:00 UT – 20:00 UT

October 25 18:00 UT – 20:00 UT

October 26 18:00 UT – 20:00 UT

October 27 18:00 UT – 20:00 UT

October 28 18:00 UT – 20:00 UT

October 29 18:00 UT – 20:00 UT

October 30 18:00 UT – 20:00 UT

October 31 18:00 UT – 20:00 UT

November 1 17:30 UT – 19:30 UT

November 2 17:30 UT – 19:30 UT

November 3 17:30 UT – 19:30 UT

November 4 17:30 UT – 19:30 UT

November 5 17:30 UT – 19:30 UT

November 6 17:30 UT – 19:30 UT

November 7 17:30 UT – 19:30 UT

November 8 17:30 UT – 19:30 UT

November 9 17:30 UT – 19:30 UT

November 10 17:30 UT – 19:30 UT

November 11 17:30 UT – 19:30 UT

November 12 17:30 UT – 19:30 UT

November 13 17:30 UT – 19:30 UT

November 14 17:30 UT – 19:30 UT

November 15 17:00 UT – 19:00 UT

November 16 17:00 UT – 19:00 UT

November 17 17:00 UT – 19:00 UT

November 18 17:00 UT – 19:00 UT

November 19 17:00 UT – 19:00 UT

November 20 17:00 UT – 19:00 UT

Failed attempt


    First attempt to take an image using Perth Failed Due to Weather. 10/17/07


My targets are

     : 409 RA- 76.854562 5hr7min25.1sec  DEC- -6.238076 -6d14m17.1s R Mag17.3
     : 412 RA- 76.869411 5hr7min28.7sec  DEC- -6.223835 -6d16m36.9s R Mag16.4
     : 414 RA- 76.872387 5hr7min29.4sec  DEC- -6.276916 -6d16m36.9s R Mag17.3



1) is it giong to be interactive or informational?

   a) are people going to be able to "plug in" the information and it's going to spit out a light curve?
  b) is it just going to be a "follow along paper" telling them how to do it step by step?

Perth Observing results 10/22/2007

From Dani ... we tried observing T-Tauri targets using the telescope. Weather looked good at 3:32 PM EST, but telescope stated "Conditions were not sufficient for Observing". Nick K also tried earlier, but got the same results.

Observing Results 10/23/2007

FROM DANI.... Tried to image at 13:31 EST and this is what it gave me... "Process Completed There was a problem with the JPEG preview. See the console log for details. You can go to the logs area to look at or download the run log for this acquisition. Current Status RA Dec Az Alt 09:26:55 -60°00'03" 146° 27°

Run Journal/Log Output The script failed. Reasons may include.......

1) Its daytime!!! (Perth is GMT + 8 hours) 2) The weather conditions are not sufficient for observing 3) The script was aborted by the user 4) The slew coordinates drifted below the horizon 5) The scope, camera or both are not connected 6) REQUEST ABORTED BY ACP

You can see the dome through our sky camera at .....

TRY - AGAIN ..... TRY AGAIN ..... TRY AGAIN" .... this seems to happen alot. it happened to nick also when he tried to image just a few minutes before I did. is something wrong with the telescope? When I checked whether conditions it was clear and the windspeed was at 6.7, so the conditions should have been fine....... i tried again at 13:37 and it stated the same thing. pattern? okay, so it just toldme at 13:39 that the whether conditions were insuffecient or something along those lines... what exactly are the ideal conditions? [end of Dani post.]

Perth failure

From Nick, today I attempted to image my targets at 13:15 est and again at 15:31est. Both times the imaging failed due to some internal problem with the Perth Telescope. I then tried at 16:20est.

From Matt H, I also attempted to image my targets at 16:00 est. At this time the imaging failed for some reason that has to do with Perth Telescope

FROMDANI... I also attempted to image and got the same results as Nick and Mattheath

Targets for IC2118


            269   050557.8-064232  76.490978 -6.708933 5 5 57.8 -6 42 32.2     14.6       ?
            283   050608.4-063917  76.535202 -6.654822 5 6 8.4  -6 39 17.4     15.3       ?

CENTER -- RA : 5h 6m 3.4s DEC : -6d 41m 00s


          192   050511.5-064346  76.298234 -6.72965 5 5 11.7 -6 37 34.3     16.7        S
          200   050517.4-063734 76.322813 -6.626197 5 5 17.5 -6 23 8.5     16.8         ?

CENTER -- RA : 5h 5m 14.6s DEC : -6d 40m 45s


        401   050711.5-061509 76.798211 -6.252738 5 5 7 11.6 -6 15 9.9    15.1        ?
        408  050723.3-061538 76.847362 -6.260664 5 7 23.4 -6 15 38.4     17.0         ?

CENTER -- RA : 5h 7m 17.6s DEC : -6d 15m 24s


      409   050725.0-061417 76.854562 -6.238076 5 7 25.1 -6 14 17.1   17.3        S
      412   050728.6-061325 76.869411 -6.22385 5 7 28.7 -6 13 25.8    16.4        S
      414   050729.3-061636 76.872387 -6.276916 5 7 29.4 -6 16 36.9   17.3        S

CENTER -- RA : 5h 7m 28.7s DEC : -6d 13m 25.8s


     415   050730.1-061015 76.8757 -6.171072 5 7 30.2 -6 10 15.9   12.2         S
     416   050730.6-061059 76.87754 -6.183262 5 7 30.6 -6 10 59.7  13.5         S

CENTER -- RA : 5h 7m 44.6s DEC : -6d 9m 54.0s


    430   050800.4-062047 77.001885 -6.346496 5 8 0.5 -6 20 47.4   17.3      S
    434   050809.5-061412 77.039924 -6.236934 5 8 9.6 -6 14 13     16.8      S

CENTER -- RA : 5h 8m 5s DEC : -6d 17m 30s


-Nick- Once again today Perth was unable to take images, while trying to firgure out the problem with the telescope we e-mailed Perth. They responded saying that there weather sensor had goon bad and they were having trouble with the new one.


Once again today i attempted to image using perth and it is not working due to clouds and wind. Nick-11/08/08

First Images 11/09/07

Today at 1:38est I was able to get the first set of images from Perth. -Nick-

........DANIELLEYEAGER... 11/15/2007_23:57EST

What images exactly, did you collect? Only your targets or others as well?

NicK- I collect everyones field when i view, well as many as I have time to get and as long has Perth is corporateing.

practice light curve data

....DANIELLEYEAGER.. 11/15/2007_23:55EST

Would you like our practice light curves posted on here? If so, do you want our entire spread sheets as well as the graph; or just one or the other?........

RESPONSE: Dani, yes if you can post them here that would be great. Thanks, Mr. Spuck

practice light curve ....

........DANIELLEYEAGER.... 11/19/07 15:11EST

today during 7th period mr.spuck pulled the IC2118 group aside and discussed how far we had gotten with the practice light curve and the wiki.

i am almost done with my light curve. i used the HOU [hands on universe] program to collect my data. fast and easy. However, there were only 4 constants in the images, two of which being my targets. once I create the spread sheets along with the graph, I will try to find a way to get them on here along with a step by step on how I did it.


mr.spuck saved a file into the practice folder showing 13 reference points, he also posted them on the wiki in section 17 of the discussion. i'm going to have to go back into my data and force HOU to spit out that information.











where is everyone? nick and I seem to be the only ones posting.

Nick- I agree with Dani if other participants want to be a part of this communication is vital.

Location of image files for practice light curve ....

........Spuck.... 11/19/07 15:30EST All image files are locatde here:

X,Y postion of YSO targets and REF objects in images ....

........Spuck.... 11/19/07 15:30EST

Using MaxIm DL or Hands On Universe Image Processing Software

These are the image coordinates for the two YSO targets and 13 common reference objects in the practice light curve data set.


YSO 1: 176, 182 +/- 3 pixels

YSO 2: 179, 144 +/- 3 pixels

REF 1: 52, 436 +/- 3 pixels

REF 2: 94, 124 +/- 3 pixels

REF 3: 99, 222 +/- 3 pixels

REF 4: 129, 399 +/- 3 pixels

REF 5: 131, 309 +/- 3 pixels

REF 6: 156, 23 +/- 3 pixels

REF 7: 164, 286 +/- 3 pixels

REF 8: 201, 35 +/- 3 pixels

REF 9: 213, 295 +/- 3 pixels

REF 10: 220, 304 +/- 3 pixels

REF 11: 290, 36 +/- 3 pixels

REF 12: 379, 449 +/- 3 pixels

REF 13: 428, 359 +/- 3 pixels


Was able to image targets using Perth- Nick


I was able to image both of my targets again today using Perth- Nick


Today perth was unable to image my targets due to wind, and then later due to the fact the telescope was already in use. Nick


When I image for all the people in the project I get everyones images-Nick

--Spuck 10:53, 4 December 2007 (PST) Nick, rather than saying "everyone", could you just list the fields and the filters used for each observing session. For Example, list it as:

Nick's field - R 180 sec, I 180 sec

Dani's field - R 180 sec, I 180 sec

Matt's field - R 180 sec, ... got cloudy and I did not get I

This way we know exactly what has been imaged.




note... to load in picture, must upload file to wiki then recall.

data table

DATE------------------A------B-------C-------D----RATIO--RATIO C--RATIO D












revised data table

DATE----------------RATIO C-----RATIO D

03-13-0803-002----- 4.47----- 6.94

03-13-0803-001----- 4.48----- 7.76

03-09-0848-001----- 4.73----- 9.65

03-09-0844-001----- 4.44----- 8.39

03-09-0806-001----- 4.39----- 8.16

03-16-0803-001----- 4.21----- 6.36

03-15-0810-002----- 2.77----- 7.43

03-14-0800-003----- 4.87----- 8.8

03-14-0800-002----- 5.82----- 10.32

03-14-0800-001----- 5.24----- 9.43

03-13-0803-003----- 4.21----- 6.12



.......11/30/07 1017est......... okay, so I made a really REALLY beginner mistake and completly forgot about the fact that I had to use julian date. SOOO.. I will post a new thread with the updated information.

.....11/30/07 1042EST.............. i guess it's just a day for mistakes. i was using the file image name rather than the date and time from the header. so, i have to do the dates over again AND THEN convert into julian time. [END OF DANIELLEYEAGER POST]

--Spuck 10:45, 4 December 2007 (PST) Dani, when you write ratio C and ratio D, what do you mean? You are dividing what by what? Also, did you follow the directions from the activity we are working showing you how to generate a light curve. In the activity one of the things you are asked to do is convert to Julian time.

--Dani 10:49, 4 December 2007 (PST) TSpuck, Ratio C means the Candidate C divided by the average of the references. Ratio D means the Candidate D divided by the average of the references. And no, I did not use the activity worksheet. [end]


Once again the Telescope at perth is not imageing. nick


Perth is down again today. Unable to acquire new images. 1308est as well as at 1630est Nick.


Perth is down again today. Unable to acquire new images. 1318est Nick.

Practice Light Curve and Loop Problem

..............DANIELLEYEAGER 11/30/07 1336EST

After figuring the Julian Date for the data, the light curve started to loop. By loop, I mean that the dates stacked fairly close to right above one another and circled through them forming a loop. By this loop problem, I've made the assumption that if a set of data has several points that are seconds or minutes apart, the data will loop. To solve the loop problem I averaged together the points that formed the loop and had that as my point. Doing so decreased my data points severely, but did work in achieving my desired goal.

NOTE .... when uploading pictures make sure to use EXACT title. example.. if the file name is uploaded as graph2.JPG you must type exactly, example capatalizing the JPG.



2454168.838........ 4.52............ 8.73

2454172.835........ 4.386...........6.94

2454173.833........ 5.31............ 9.52

2454174.84.......... 2.77............ 7.43

2454175.835........ 4.21............ 6.36


--Spuck 11:03, 4 December 2007 (PST) Dani, Can you double check the last two data points on your graph (2454174.84 and 2454175.835)? The curves seem to match up except for one of these two sets.

Also, does anyone know how to set up a graph in excel so that you only connect some of the data points being graphed? Thanks.


Matt's Light Curve using Beth Thomas's Method


HJD	YSO 1 in R	YSO 1 in I





2454177 856______8565________18534

2454178 8820_____8820________19204

2454179 8820_____8820________18871

2454180 8820_____8258________18534

2454181 8258_____7820________18310

2454182 7820_____7708________18729

12/02/07_1604 est


Tried to get on perth and take some images. Telescope was in use by perth. I did go into the images we have already taken and saved some of the images titled Daniscandidates to my personal computer. I don't really know what to do with them though. How many pictures do we have that are focused on my center? Should I start getting the data pulled together and working on my real light curve now that I am finished with my practice light curve? Or should I simply focus on mastering the wiki?

--Spuck 11:18, 4 December 2007 (PST) Dani, you're doing a great job with the Wiki. Unfortunately the Perth Telescope is down for now. I just found out today that the RA motor went bad in the mount. I will post more news as I get it. We will probably have to start using New Mexico Skies telescope for our observations. This means being up at 2:00 AM EST ... any volunteers? For now, why don't you focus on working with the rest of the team ... bringing them up to spped on how to access and use the Wiki, as well as working through the Wiki to see what we should focus on in our AAS Poster.

1615 est

While trying to save over my images, when clicked, some files opened to a page showing the picture directly, where as others had a prompt coming up asking whether I wanted to find the image or save the image. Why?

--Spuck 11:18, 4 December 2007 (PST) Dani, I'm not sure. WHy don't you show me this when you have a chance. Thanks.


12/2/07_2226 est


dumbie me, i went to log on and do some imaging, but then i realised that it was like.. 10 in the morning. so keep in mind when imaging the +12 to +13 hour time difference.


Practice curve

Nick's light curve, 12/04/07 1:34

Julian Date    Ratio 1 Ratio 2
2454172.835	4.4	7
2454173.833	5.3	9.5
2454174.843	3.6	7.2
2454175.835	4.2	6.4


Once again Perth is down.

--Spuck 11:39, 4 December 2007 (PST) Nick, Perth will probably be down for a bit. See my previous post to Dani. Also, your light curve looks similar to Dani's. That's good and bad. :) Can you check with Dani and answer the following question for me and then post your responses:

1. Did the two of you use all the same reference stars?

2. Did the two of you use the same software to get the brightness values for your reference stars and YSO candidates?

Also, I'd like to se you modify your graph a bit. Label the Y axis more clearly (don't just say ratio ... ratio of what?). Also, turn the julian dates (ie. like I had Dani do hers). And use the scatter plot with the line connecting the data points. Also correct your spelling error in the graph title. Thanks.

--Nicholas 10:36, 6 December 2007 (PST) Well Mr. Spuck Dani walked me through what to do with the Light Curve so it would be understandable why our light curves would be similar. [end]

--DanielleYeager 09:59, 7 December 2007 (PST) 1.) I don't know if we used the same reference stars, but I do know that he used MORE reference stars than I did.

2.) I used HOU.

12/3/07_2048 est


Today, stayed after with Alexis, Danielle, Cale, and Alix in Mr. Spuck's room. Took notes on basics of things for the Austin trip. Parents signed the permission slip and are pleased with the trip. Mom's meeting with Mr. Spuck went well, obviously.

2:40-5:10, worked on galaxy research.

Tomorrow, doing notes on the book Mr. Spuck gave me.

I officially have my hours as of today. :)

--Spuck 11:29, 4 December 2007 (PST) Jennifer, I'll need to see the log of your hours sometime before friday. Also, why don't you type up the notes from our discussion and get them posted on to the galaxy classification board. You can make the graphics in paint, or draw and scan them in, or use a digital camera to take pics of your notes and upload the graphics. Either way is fine with me.


.. DANIELLEYEAGER 12/04/07 ..

Jennifer, again, good job on posting, but please post in the Galaxy section, if you need a refresher on how to get to it, from the main page go to Future Research Projects and then from there Galaxy then discussion. I beleive that is the route.

--Spuck 11:25, 4 December 2007 (PST) FYI ... here is the link again to the Go to the discussion page off of the Galaxy Clasification Page.


12/04/07 1349 est


Light Curve Correction

--DanielleYeager 10:44, 7 December 2007 (PST) In study of both Nick's and my own light curve, we have discovered why the peaks are not matching up. The graphs show two different candidates rather than two different filters for the same candidate. Both light curves need redone, focusing on one candidate in both the I and the R filters. Each graph needs to show the I and R light curve for one candidate. [end]

Nick's Project

--NicholasJamesKelley 10:17, 11 December 2007 (PST)This area will be used to show the current progress I am making toward proving that Candidates 415 and 416 are T-Tauri Stars.

--NicholasJamesKelley 10:47, 7 December 2007 (PST) These are my light curves for the 2 candidates that I am monitoring for Spitzer and the Sceince fair. I am currently monitoring to get more accurate curves to take with me.

415	Julian Date	I Ratio	R Ratio
12-Feb	2454144.168	1.20	
21-Feb	2454153.051	1.32	0.6
22-Feb	2454154.144	1.6	0.63
23-Feb	2454155.121	1.76	0.84
27-Feb	2454158.9	1.27	0.53
6-Mar	2454166.035	1.33	0.56
9-Mar	2454169.047	1.66	0.73
11-Mar	2454171.074	1.49	0.68
12-Mar	2454172.013	1.5	0.65
16-Mar	2454176.01	0.96	0.45


416	Julian Date	I ratio	R ratio
12-Feb	2454144.168	3	
21-Feb	2454153.051	3.04	1.3
22-Feb	2454154.144	3.06	1.19
23-Feb	2454155.121	2.86	1.31
27-Feb	2454158.9	3.24	1.4
6-Mar	2454166.035	3.26	1.52
9-Mar	2454169.047	3.07	1.31
11-Mar	2454171.074	3.07	1.33
12-Mar	2454172.013	3.36	1.44
16-Mar	2454176.01	3.2	1.38


--NicholasJamesKelley 10:13, 11 December 2007 (PST) Perth is still down and therefore we have decided to try and make the switch to New Mexico Skies to finish collecting data to get better light curves.