C-CWEL Fall work

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Reminder of the to-do items and timeline

To do items:

  1. Inspect images of all 115.
  2. Find obj with Spitzer data, look at obj in those images, get photometry.
  3. Make and inspect SEDs of all 115.
  4. Make CMDs/CCDs, inspect location of objects.
  5. Add objects back into cycle (optional) based on CMD/CCD.
  6. Collect all opinions on images, SEDs for all objects, make decisions on each object.
  7. Compare `new' objects to literature, SIMBAD to check.
  8. (Fit SEDs, compare to other regions...)

Time constraints:

  1. Need to print before Christmas
  2. Need to start writing poster in earnest at Thanksgiving weekend.
  3. Need to have enough of an answer to write abstract due 1 October.

Image inspection

Need to look at images at all available bands for our 115.

Lots of spreadsheets flying around email.

For POSS, 2MASS, WISE, we have the FinderChart tool.

For Spitzer, there are several solutions. File:Flowchart.pdf document from email 8/28, and screencapture movie.

AFAIK, we are mostly through this step as of 8/29, but with some work left to do.

Spitzer photometry

Let's use mine for now, redo it if necessary using APT.

Make and inspect SEDs

Need to assemble and assess the SEDs for our 115. Need to include what we learned from image inspection.

Lots of spreadsheets and SEDs flying around email.

AFAIK, two folks have made it this far as of 8/29.

Color-Color and Color-Mag Diagrams

Introduce new objects to cycle?

Collect all assessments

Decide which is real/not real, which have excesses/don't.

Check literature

Compare to SIMBAD, to be sure. Go back to paper for the object that has names but is not tagged as a YSO. Is it new for us?

Put it in context

Write poster