C-CWEL Summer visit logistics

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High-level schedule

The work days we've agreed upon are Aug 5-8, where there will be minimal help from me on Aug 8 as sort of a "training run" for when you go home.

I propose you come in relatively early on Aug 4, and plan on doing dinner at my house that night.

  • Sunday morning/early afternoon - arrive in LA
  • Sunday night - pizza party at Luisa's ... pizza arrives at 6. come by 5 or 5:30 if you want to play with Andrew!
  • Monday morning 8:30 - tour of SSC (with Ciardi's team), meet Wannetta and Andrea,
  • Monday morning 9-12? - lectures
  • Monday afternoon 1-5 - software setup. WISE archive workthrough. Start to work with mosaics.
  • Tuesday morning 8:40 - JPL tour
  • Tues afternoon 1-5 - make progress on data, mostly photometry issues
  • Wednesday all day - make progress on data.
  • Wednesday after lunch - individual educator meetings with evaluator
  • Wednesday late afternoon - wrapup, plan for when you go home
  • Thursday morning - Luisa to stay out of your hair most of the day. Work on your own or small groups. Try to do some of the tasks we did as a group. Compare notes. Can you work on your own at home without me?
  • Thursday afternoon - Reconvene for any questions and help, discussion, etc.
  • Friday - return home

Software to install

Make sure you (and all your students who are coming) each have a functional laptop that you know how to use with as much of the relevant software installed as possible well before you get on the plane. Trust me. Makes it much easier if you do all this ahead of time, including starting it up to make sure it works.

  • ds9
  • APT
  • a web browser (Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome -- NOT MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER)
  • Excel or other spreadsheet program (Google Docs is ok if your school lets you access it; most of the rest of us will be working with various versions of Excel)

Also make sure you have all the passwords you need for installing new software, getting on a wireless network, or getting back into your machine if it reboots.

Besides the computer, you will need something to write on and something to write with to take notes! Experience has shown that this should be more than post-it notes. I will give you handouts, so the hyperorganized among you may want, e.g., a 3-ring binder.

UPDATE JULY 2, 2013: You should also copy to your laptop your POSS and IRAS images covering about 20 arcminutes from your Resolution worksheet work. This will save you a few minutes in August.

Travel Logistics

  • John Gibbs: +4 students (1 girl, 3 boys) -> 3 rooms
  • Wendi Laurence: +1 kid (her son)
  • Robert Marshall: no kids
  • Michael Murphy: +4 students (2 girls, 2 boys) -> 3 rooms
  • Laura Orr: +2 students (boys) -> 2 rooms
  • Christi Whitworth: no kids

11 rooms total.

17 people (not including Luisa)

Connecting flight information:

  • John Gibbs: ~3pm, BUR
  • Wendi Laurence:
  • Robert Marshall: LAX midafternoon
  • Michael Murphy: LAX
  • Laura Orr: ~3pm, BUR
  • Christi Whitworth: ~10:30am LAX