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Stuff to read

We'll start with it being, in Kevin's words, more of a book club. Sorry. :) I can try and make sure that there are specific questions/problems to think about each week if that would help.

For Mar 10:

For Apr 14:

For Apr 21:

For Apr 28:

For May 5:

This should work like a journal club, e.g., the named person takes the lead in presenting the article. You should present things along the lines of the following:

  • the main point of this work was ...
  • what they did was ... (high level summary, no need to get into nitty gritty details)
  • the most interesting thing i learned was ...
  • what they did that i agree with is ...
  • what they did that i disagree with is ...
  • and, for us here, the reason we should care about this in the context of our CG4 work is ...

EVERYONE should read the papers ahead of time, but it's kind of expected that the named person will spend the most time reading the paper in question!

Stuff to do

Look at CG4 Bigger Picture and Goals page. Get started!

Look at CG4 Summer visit page. Fill out what you can!

Putting CG4 in Context Homework Page -- Go here to upload your annotated image!

Leopard and SHA stuff to come. Leopard stuff is already on the wiki; see working with L1688, specifically downloading the data SHA stuff is non existent at this point, unclear if i will have time to do this before next week. here is a direct link to the SHA if you want to try without documentation -- hopefully it's clear enough that you can do that!