HG-WELS Spring Calendar

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The plan!

  • March 7 (Fri) - turn in final version of proposal, wait for comments from reviewers.
  • March 10 - regular telecon, bring any lingering questions about contents of proposal or anything else project-related.
  • March 17 - regular telecon, HAVE DONE by today, Task One: Wiki & Excel training from HG-WELS Spring work - e.g., watch Wiki videos, try your hand at wiki editing, watch Excel video, try your hand at Excel file importing (you can use de la Reza catalog from the next week if you want). Talk on telecon about mechanics of how we will merge these source lists together into one big list of unique objects with all of the ancillary data kept straight.
  • March 24 - regular telecon, HAVE DONE by today, Task Two: Assemble Target Lists from HG-WELS Spring work - e.g., merge the lists yourself. Talk on telecon to compare our results, make sure we've all identified all the duplicates, collected all the data properly, because this is the seed for going forward. If we screw this step up, we will be sorry downstream, so must get this part right.
  • March 31 - regular telecon, can be continuation of prior week, or can be first steps of Resolution work (Task Three on HG-WELS Spring work.
  • April 7 - regular telecon, Comments from proposal review. Resolution Q1.* leftovers, Resolution Q2.* discussion. Infrastructure for summer trip.
  • April 14 - regular telecon, leftovers on proposal, Resolution Q2.*, Q3.*, Q4.*
  • April 21 - regular telecon, proposal, Q3.*, Q4.*
  • April 28 - Luisa in Louisiana, Elin out too - no telecon
  • May 5 - sign off on prop. FC discussion of what we need to do and set you loose.
  • May 12 - Luisa in Leiden (Europe) - yes telecon on your own to make sure everyone on track with finderchart
  • May 19 - review of summer logistics, questions on finderchart
  • May 26 - Memorial day, no telecon.
  • June 2 - any open summer logistics issues, send finderchart results no later than noon my time on Monday, we will merge and talk about the weird ones in a join.me session.
  • June 9 - Luisa's in flagstaff; you can meet on your own.
  • June 16 - any open summer logistics issues, and finderchart results.

Luisa's Scribble Space....

brainstorming on what needs to be done, so that we can map into a calendar. what to do before July, what do do at the visit?

Big rocks:

  • list of coordinates of targets. (done)
  • Resolution worksheet - (done)
    • critical path - spatial resolution of wise v. iras v. 2mass
  • FinderChart inspection of each object - working on it
    • critical path - multiplicity of IRAS sources, even WISE sources.
  • obtain ancillary data for targets (2mass, wise, iras; akari, denis; msx, seip)
  • particularly for things with little ancillary data, check why no ancil data. related to FC inspection. coordinate correction
    • folds back into list of coordinates of targets, ancillary data.
    • what fraction have compromised K, W4? can we patch any way?
  • make SEDs. definition of IR ex. measurement error. conceptually pretty much has to come first. maybe work with my SEDs, make own later, after critical path?
  • make color-color diagrams. IR ex. measurement error. scatter.
    • critical path -- identify IRx sources
    • conversion between flux/mag(/energy) to reproduce de la Reza diagrams?