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This wiki area is a dedicated workspace for the NITARP 2013 team SHIPs.

Section I: Information about SHIPs

This page summarizes the people involved in the research.

Section II: Practicalities

Telecons are scheduled for Mondays, 6:00pm Eastern = 5:00pm Central = 4:00pm Mountain = 3:00pm Pacific
Agenda and minutes of Telecons
The calendar of events, deadlines, milestones, etc. for SHIPs.
Rules and conventions on board SHIPs.
Test page for experimenting with the wiki.

Section III: Background science and technology

Reminder, we have a research tools area (look on the left-hand-side menu in NITARP wiki

Terms, definition, etc. for concepts and acronyms of relevance to SHIPs

Observatory Information

This page summarizes the basic characteristics of 2MASS, Spitzer, WISE and Herschel.

Observational Astronomy

Astronomy Units (from NITARP research tools area)
Photometry (from NITARP research tools area)
Color-Magnitude and Color-Color plots (from NITARP research tools area)
One summary of astronomical magnitude system.

Star Formation Links

The primer on star Formation

Section IV: SHIPs Proposal

The Proposal

Section V: SHIPs Data Processing

Data basics
Data gathering assignments

Section VI: Herschel Photometry

Photometry Tools and Links
Photometry on PACS images
Photometry on other images

Section VII: Programming SHIPs

Python info
Python Tutorials

Section VIII: Summer Visit

Checklist of items for Summer Visit
Agenda and plans

Section IX: AAS Poster

Science Poster, Reading Suggestions
Education Poster