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I (viv) really like what you did with the regions files especially the last two in Task 9. Could you share those regions files with us also.

And, I found that if you have a txt region file, you can load it into DS9 just by choosing "All files" for the type. You don't have to change it to reg.--Hoette 00:01, 21 December 2010 (PST)

Looked up the classification from another wiki page [1]

--Class 0: these are very young stars, still buried deep inside their cocoon of gas. These do not appear on the diagram at left, because they are so buried, they do not appear even at 3.6 or 4.5 microns.

--Class I: these are protostars surrounded by an infalling envelope of gas.

--Class II: these protostars, now in the T-Tauri stage, have developed protoplanetary disks.

--Class III: these are nearly fully developed stars, with just a remnant disk (and possibly planets) surrounding them. I think it is also useful to review these initial pages about Young Stars. [2]