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Big Picture

There are several things I'd like to accomplish before our visit:

(1) talk about scavenging data, sources of data, source matching (DONE)

(2) We should read in detail and discuss a short list of carefully selected papers. We'll rotate through our short list of papers, and each of you will get one to present to the group. This is modelling a so-called "journal club", a common occurrence in astronomy departments/groups/centers, where the papers are usually selected out of recent astro-ph mailings. The papers that went into this list are the ones from which we need to scavenge data.

(3) Actually doing the data scavenging out of those papers mentioned above - we can do this simultaneously with the journal club. This should be far easier than it was for the CWAYS team because our region is "cleaner" in the literature, and because CWAYS did a lot of work for us. In summary, we go to the journal website and save the data table as plain text.

(4) Start thinking about the issues of spatial resolution. I developed a worksheet for this for last year's group, and I have updated it for you.

(5) We could (this would be IMHO lowest priority) start playing with some of the known YSOs from here -- several of the bands are similar to what we will use, though this is a set of YSOs from Taurus, not our region.

If we roar through that, we can start doing some of the "test case" training that I think we will end up doing at the summer visit.

C-CWEL Spring Calendar

Wendi's table of all data sources

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C-CWEL Source Matching Work

C-CWEL Source Matching Work has been updated from the C-WAYS version.

(C-WAYS source matching work - last year's version. Ours will be easier because we have more modern stuff in the literature.)

C-CWEL Journal Club

C-CWEL Excel Practice

Spatial Resolution

(C-WAYS Resolution Worksheet - last year's version)