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Photometry Data

  • There are 4 ZIP files, each one corresponding to one of the 4 folders of FITS images provided by Varoujan at the Summer Workshop.
  • Each zip file holds 3 files for each frame:
    IRAC1 channel photometry results from APT, flux in µJy
    IRAC2 channel photometry results from APT, flux in µJy
    Collated IRAC1 and IRAC2 channel results from APT, including only those objects that appear in both channels, filtered for SNR > 3, and converted to magnitude. (These are the files that should be imported into an Excel workbook.)

Download the ZIP files here:
147 files for 49 frames
165 files for 55 frames
156 files for 52 frames
36 files for 12 frames


Sample Workbook
This Excel 2011 workbook has the template pages for photometry and the bubble chart.
Prepared by Mark Abajian
Target_list_111013.xls (AGN Positions Workbook)
This Excel workbook contains the names and positions for all 168 AGNs
Prepared by Varoujan Gorjian

Interim Data Files

Catalog Files
This ZIP file contains 168 listings of object positions, one file for each of the frames we are examining.
These catalog files were created by trimming the SourceExtractor output files (<object> provided by Varoujan at the Summer Workshop. (See script below.)
Two of these catalog files had to be manually updated, to remove one position each, because of an incompatibility with APT. Both the original CAT file and the updated one are included. For details, see the README.txt file inside the ZIP file.
APT Preferences
This file recorded the APT preferences that Mark was using while bulk-processing the FITS files with APT. (File extension renamed from .pref to .txt to comply with coolwiki restrictions.)
This was edited "on the fly" by the script (see below).


NOTE:  All scripts renamed to ".txt" to comply with coolwiki restrictions.
Bash shell setup script to initialize environment for running APT on Mark's Mac.
Bash shell script to trim the "catalog" files from Source Extractor into a list of positions that can be input to APT.
Results are above (see "Catalog Files").
Python script which generated the latest set of CSV files (magnitude).
Input are 2 TBL files from APT; output is a CSV file.
Results are above (see "Photometry Data").
Python script which generated the first set of CSV files (flux in µJy) at the Summer Workshop.
Bash script for running APT on an entire set of FITS files.
Script needs to be edited to specify source and destination files.
Directly manipulates the APT preferences file (see above).
Bash script for running the script on an entire folder full of photometry files from APT.
The result is 1 CSV file for each pair of TBL files.

Output Files

Output Files
This ZIP file contains listings of batch script outputs. These were useful in debugging and confirming our processing.