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Star formation background information

General overview of star formation -- textbooks, overview articles, good things for general knowledge.

Studying Young Stars - wiki page on this. lots of interwoven links to other good stuff on the wiki.

Luisa's tutorial on star formation from cool cosmos - soon to be removed, sigh.

Luisa's blog posting on the 'story of star formation' (very similar text!)

Notes from a U of Oregon lecture on star formation ... not as good as Luisa's lecture notes but a good launching point ... http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/ast122/lectures/lec13.html

A more detailed explanation of Star Formation from a textbook. There's more math here than we'll need. File:SF.pdf --CJohnson 11:05, 1 February 2011 (PST)

Got anything to add?

WISE data

There is a NITARP tutorial (which needs some updating) on WISE and the WISE Archive (Nov 2012): by Luisa Rebull (SSC/IPAC). WISE is a satellite that observed in four infrared bands. It conducted an all-sky survey. This Tutorial was designed to cover what WISE is and how to access the data from its archive. NOTE: the WISE archive has gotten an updated look and slightly different search choices since this tutorial was made in November 2012! Part 1: WISE overview - what is the mission, the big picture (20 min); Part 2: the WISE archive - how to access the archive (20 min)

Tutorial on getting WISE data from Berkeley

Overview information on the WISE mission, including links to a paper model

Previous Teams' pages

Several of the things we will be doing are similar, and several will be different.

IC 2118 Current Research Activities (2004-2008), Lynds Clouds Current Research Activities (2008), CG4 Current Research Activities (2010), BRC Current Research Activities (2011), C-WAYS Current Research Activities (2012), C-CWEL Current Research Activities (2013), and HG-WELS Current Research Activities (2014).

Also see, in particular: